There are only limited 1000 pieces of this Vampira sculpture by Maila Nurmi-authorized sculpture artist, Thomas Kuntz (he is amazing! you guys have to him  up!!!) , which is produced in 2001 with Bowen designs. But after her death, there were limited pieces found on hand which are painted already. It’s specs are 14 inches and is extra fragile to the extent, which is so special as well due to the fact that we all can see how perfectly it portrays Maila Nurmi. I believe there are also un-painted pieces of these which are sold separately or as a whole in ebay or in collector’s item.
Who is Maila Nurmi?

Maila Nurmi (a.k.a “Vampira) is the Queen of Ghouls. She is the one and only 1st T.V. horror host. She is well-known for her Vampira portrayal in Ed Wood’s cult film called “P 9 flan 9 from Outer space” alongst “Count Dracula” Silent actor, Bela Lugosi. Her trademark which consists of tight black mermaid ripped cinch-waisted dress that hugs her tini-tiny waist, long finger nails, red lips, pale skin, and her scream has made her the phenomena of the retro-meets-dark beauty. A Finnish-American actress hailing from Petsamo, Finland, she is also a pin-up model before her iconic Vampira role.

Personally am A VERY HUGE FAN of MAILA NURMI and VAMPIRA. She is a huge inspiration to be inspired about. So I am someday wishing to own this piece. I can eventually have it, but, due to me being in the Middle East, there is a huge risk of getting the product siezed by customs due to it’s clevage exposure, and it’s fragile composition might even make it worse: it might be broken upon arrival. So I suggest buying it personally from the store or the supplier. Plus, it is very expensive so it is better to be really careful about getting one.But spending money on art? Why not!?! After all, it is worth it.

If you also consider getting one, try checking out for details or simply just be updated on my blog.


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