Stacy Martin & Steven Meisel for Miu miu Fall/Winter Advertising Campaign








Photographed by the great fashion photographer Steven Meisel, Nymphomaniac actress, Stacy Martin effortlessly shows there is beauty in the monochromatic world. Set in deep black and white, Meisel has created a modern-day Warholian masterpiece out of Martin in this Fall/Winter Miu Miu Advertising campaign.

Totally beautiful. Everything is. I totally feel revived upon looking at the images. For some reason, not only does Stacy looks like an Andy Warhol artwork, but, she reminds me of one of the first super model, Jean Shrimpton. It really has that “makes me go back in time” feel. I like the idea of Miumiu allowing the campaign to be black and white to sort of tease us with the actual collection. Meisel slays!

Cannot wait for the entire looks to be out in the Middle East!


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