My Rainbow hair by Bluebrushdoha, and wonderful things about them

(with my normally straight hair)
(with my curls)

In Qatar, it is quite a challenge to find someone whom understands fashion hairstyle, trend-based services, and further more hair needs. As a celebrity makeup artist of 12 years myself, I think it is a very huge importance that any artist in their field must know how to understand different customer needs & by listening; & not just to push his/her own suggestions directly.

But when Bluebrush Doha Salon opened, it paved much way to fashionistas in Qatar. Established by Sheikha Muneera Al-Thani of Qatar, together with World-renowed hairstylist/hairdresser to supermodel catwalks and international celebrities whom also has graced covers of Vogue & Elle magazine, David Martinez from Paris, & the magical colorist Souad Yacoubi also hailing from Paris, they all have the same vision: to provide real beautiful hair in the most fashionable and professional way, be it classic or edgy.

I originally met my friend David from a fashion show way back 2008 when I was working for MAC Cosmetics doing makeup for models, as he was doing hair. I told myself that he is amazing and that he is as great as the hair-guru, Vidal Sasoon. & we lost touch for quite some time. But luckily, he came back to Qatar and decided to establish his career here. Often known from his pro styling and trademark of dry-cutting, he is also a very down-to-Earth and bubbly cheeky person that as he magically works on your hair, you just feel good both about how talented he is and how great your hair’s outcome is even if he works fast. We work together quite a lot now in photoshoots for editorials or lookbooks. & I also recommend him and the whole team to my clients if they ask me about hair.

Then, I met the very humble colorist/hairstylist Souad. Often called as “Magic Souad”, she always apply her coloring skills as art: the use color wheel and like painting. She did my Blue Ombre last year the way I wanted it to be which stayed for 6 months!
(My Blue Ombre from last year)

(My blue ombre hair gettinv curled in the process)

(From left: me with my blue ombre hair and my cousin Xela’s pink ombre hair)

(Seriously!) & as it fades to Teal Green, it still looks good! I fell in love with her credibility in color so I definitely know she is the person who can do any woman’s dream hair.

So I was craving for Rainbow peek-a-boo hair for the love of colors. & she nailed it!

After how many years of over-spending on Salons or Freelance guru’s and on DIY’s, only Blue Brush Salon really caters the Word-class hair styling. They can do anything and everything you want for any types of hair (sans perming, as it is prohibited here)! Bluebrush is sooo good that even if you have bleached hair, it still shines, & also in terms of color, your hair color stays for more than 3 months! Also the quality of styling stays for the whole day or more no matter how your hair type is!

After all, asides the eyebrows, the hair is the frame of our face. So before making a move on cutting cost or over-spending about your hair services in other salons & risking it, I highly recommend visiting a pro salon like BlueBrush.


They offer ladies day services. And they will soon open a new branch. Will post details soon.

For more information about BlueBrush Doha, call them at:

View their official website for their portfolio:
Visit their instagram: @bluebrushdoha & Facebook:
(+974) 4423 3022

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