Brush Cleanser 235ml/ 7.5 oz by M.A.C.

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A makeup artist’s brushes reflects one’s cleanliness. If you are a makeup artist, or a brush collector, M.A.C.’s brush cleanser is one of the holy grail brush cleansers that is in the market. It disinfects, cleans, maintains, easily removes remnants from makeup residue, and conditions the brush fibers; preventing it from splitting.

For quick brush spot-cleansing, this is a must staple to every artist’s kit. They keep brushes refreshed, smelling clean, and extends brush life. The great thing about this cleanser is that it dries quickly as well, making it easier for usage. I have tried other makeup brush cleansers, but I came back to this. It is so far the most quick-dry and it does what you expect it to do. (But of course, for deep cleanse of brushes, wash your brushes with hair shampoo. Brush cleansers are essential for makeup applications, maintenance, and disinfecting.)

How to use it?

  1. Deep cleanse: After washing brushes with hair shampoo and placing them on towel to dry, use the Brush Cleanser to disinfect brushes and distribute fibers. This will help maintain brushes for a lifetime. If you are a makeup artist, I recommend owning 2 or 3 pcs. of your brushes in each application, as it is unprofessional to use the same brushes to every client, and do the deep cleanse 2-3 days.
  2. Quick spot cleanse: Either with tissue, towel, or unscented & no alcohol wipes, apply desired amount of brush cleaner and swiftly pat-dry your brush, or you swirl desired brush on a container and wipe it.

F.Y.I. It is also perfect to remove makeup stains or dirt on your clothing. Apply desired amount on a sponge and pat it on desired stained area. Wait for it to dry alone. (it dries quickly.) Viola! All clean. Best solution to all the makeup stain!

Sold at every M.A.C. Cosmetics counter stores.

Don’t forget to keep the empty bottles for your free lipstick in every 6 BACK-TO-MAC empty containers you give to the counter for recycling.

For more information, visit

(photo taken by me)

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