GUCCI Beauty, Harvey Nichols, Dubai



DSC01318DSC01380 DSC01381 DSC01383

Prepping for wedding day last year, I made sure that my Dubai trip was worth the time. With the help of my friend Abby, I made some makeup shopping to replenish both my personal and work makeup kit at Harvey Nichols. Decided to give Gucci cosmetics a try. And I was very amazed with it’s pigmentation and packaging! It is a must in every fashionista makeup fanatic kit. It is exclusively for Dubai at that time. And the Beauty advisor was so sweet, informative, helpful, and beautiful. I think besides great customer service, looking good as a staff in Dubai is a must; as your image is what you represent. We asked to take a few pictures and I was very happy to be able to do a couple of shots with my SONY RX 100 II.

Gucci launched it’s own line, following the foot steps of other fashion label companies with their own makeup and perfume line: CHANEL, DIOR, DOLCE & GABBANA, GORGIO ARMANI, TOM FORD, YSL, MARC JACOBS BEAUTY, & BURBERRY.

For more information, check GUCCI.COM

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