Makeup and Beauty brands that encourages recycling

When money runs massive companies and global brands, their main focal point is business and only attracting consumers. But what about recycling? Mother nature isn’t always there to help and provide for us. Scarcity, natural calamities, extinction, global warming… all the result of wasting our very own natural resources.

In today’s society, where paper, plastic, glass, and metals are being consumed daily, stack pile of garbage continues to grow and result to pollution.  It is very important to consider recycling as a habit to help conserve our natural resources and our habitual place. To achieve that, consumers should be aware of products that encourages recycling karma.

As a makeup artist and a consumer of both makeup and beauty products, I have gathered information about both the Makeup and Beauty brands that practices recycling.

Below are the listed Cosmetic retailers that offer recycling:

  1. M.A.C. COSMETICS: With their “BACK TO M.A.C.” program, return every six (6) M.A.C. empty containers of any products, and you will get a free lipstick of your choice from the regular line. To be redeemed at their retail shop. Must only return M.A.C. plastic containers, glass, old brushes, unwanted makeup bags, retractable pens, magnet pro palettes, and metal-based packaging. M.A.C. lash containers, regular wood-based pencils, cotton, and sponges.This method is limited to 4 BACK-TO-M.A.C. sets per day. (Availed at every M.A.C. counters except Philippines.)
  2. LUSH: Return every five (5) LUSH empty and clean containers of any products and you will get a free facial mask. (They can be redeemed at any LUSH retail stores.)
  3. ORIGINS: The first cosmetic retailers nationwide to offer recycling empty cosmetic containers, Origins have implemented this method in all their U.S. stores. They are accepting both Origins and non-Origins empty containers. It is limited to plastic, metal, and glass bottles only. (hope they implement this in the Middle East).
  4. KHIEL’s: They collect empty containers. For every return, they have a “stamp card” program, which ensures  customers receiving their recycling rewards. Get one stamp on any of their full sized products and in every 10 stamps, you are rewarded with any of their travel sets. And you get freebies, too! (Availed at every Khiels stores.)
  5. Aveda: return any of Aveda’s empty packaging and you will get a gift.
  6. Bare Minerals: they offer refillable packaging to cut down waste.
  7. Stila: they also offer refillable packaging on their eyeshadow palettes. Not only you can help in recycling, but you also get the chance to choose your own custom eye shadow shades.
  8. Jane Iredale: offers refillable packaging to encourage recycling. Their packaging are made of recyclable and eco-friendly materials.
  9. Garnier x Terracyle: Together with Terracycle, Garnier created a personal care beauty “Brigade” which is a free recycling program for hair, cosmetic, and skin care empty containers. They have also provided a fund-raising program to those whom participated with them.
  10. TARTE: Tarte Cosmetics packaging are biodegradable with their glass jars, and recyclable plastic containers.
  11. Burt’s bee’s: Teaming up with Preserve, Burt’s bee’s have recycled it’s iconic lip balm packaging for every 5 containers.

Hoping this post will encourage other brands to recycle their packaging by offering recycling karma, and for readers to practice recycling, too. Be it being active on recycling, or by practicing the services of these brands that offers recycling means, or by reusing reusable empty containers.

If anyone knows more about other brands offering such recycling karma, kindly email me at or simply hit me a comment on the comment box.

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