Sophia Loren N°1 is our way of saying, ‘Thank you, Sophia! Thank you for her beauty, thank you for being a world favorite, thank you for being an icon of the big screen and of Italian beauty. She has been a constant source of inspiration for us and today we celebrate her with the gift of her very own lipstick.” Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana said via press release. ‘”rs_634x821-15092209#107DDC5

POS_DG_SIGNATURE_ADV_PACKOn Sophia Loren‘s 81st birthday celebration last Sept. 22, 2015th, she made one of her dreams come true by launching her limited edition lipsticks. Many thanks to her collaboration lipstick project with Dolce & Gabanna Beauty. As a beauty icon herself, she has loved lipstick in her childhood. Sophia Loren “No. 1”  lipstick is her loving tribute to all women. Created by Sophia Loren, with D & G‘s Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the limited edition semi-sheer formulated lippy is plummy in it’s shade. Glossy in it’s texture, it is designed to enhance the pigmentation of Sophia’s lips. Like the signature D & G rose-scented lipsticks, it is also gold in it’s packaging, and of course, signed by Sophia. It comes in a special red box. The official D & G “No. 1” ad campaign is starred for the first time by the said legendary iconic actress and beauty queen as well, which makes it extra special.

Hailing from Italy, D & G previously collaborated with Italian actress, the beautiful Monica Belucci.

To know more and to purchase lipsticks, they are available at any Dolce and Gabbana Beauty retailers and visit  DOLCE&GABBANA SOPHIA NO.1 LIPSTICK. (In the Middle East they are available at Sephora, WoJooh, and Pari Gallery shops). Launch dates and prices may vary. Will post swatches and reviews once I get my hands on them.

(image grabbed from & the official D&G website.)

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