MARIAH CAREY x M.A.C. Cosmetics

rs_600x600-150929085650-MAC_All_I_Want_INSTAGRAM_CROPThis Christmas, it was announced a few days ago that “Heart-breaker” songstress diva Mariah Carey is collaborating with M.A.C. Cosmetics for Christmas makeup collection and also an upcoming Spring Icon entire makeup collection for M.A.C.! While no other products have been revealed yet, only pictures of the official campaign of the singer for M.A.C. and “All I want” lipstick for Christmas (frosted champagne colored) are the confirmed info. Other than that, Mariah confirmed that the collection will definitely not include red lipstick as it will be a representation of herself (I am picturing dark eyes…light lips… perhaps, some glitter and bronze colors…).


M.A.C. has teamed up with celebrity icons such as Rihanna, Brooke Shields, Catherine Deneave, Kelly and Sharon Osbourne, Raquel Welsh, and Daphne Guiness for their icon collection. F.Y.I. : before fame, Mariah is a beauty-school drop-out as her back-up plan and her go-to makeup brand is always M.A.C.! Mariah has also launched her perfumes under Elizabeth Arden and O.P.I. nail polishes.

As a pop singer who has been around since the 90’s, it is about time that M.A.C. has given Mariah a chance as one of their chosen icons. With her signature high notes, and her song hits such as “My all”, “Honey”, “Heart-breaker”, and “You will always be my baby”, she is indeed an icon. For sure, this collection is not to miss!

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