Z Palette depotting: how to’s, pros and cons


As a makeup artist on the go, I always have struggles of packing and bringing everything with me. So, I have decided to give depotting my palettes a try and transfer them to Z palette. They come with magnets in both round and square shapes so it’s convenient to customize. I tried the Large size to get all my eyeshadows in one place. For now I have chosen NAKED palettes 1, 2, and 3, from Urban Decay.

You can get them here: Z palette Amazon large.

To do them, you must need the f.f.:

  • Z PALETTE of choice
  • Z PALETTE magnets
  • rubbing alcohol
  • sticky labels
  • pens or markers to label
  • spatula
  • cutter
  • your desired makeup palette
  • lighter (optional) (but since I used Naked palettes, it wasn’t necessary.)

Instructions on how to customize palettes:

  1. Grab your desired palettes and decide which ones you need to stack together.
  2. Using a cutter, carefully remove desired eyeshadows on their own wells. (If it doesn’t budge, use lighter to heat underneath for easy removal.)
  3. By using a spatula, pull the desired eyeshadow and stick the Z PALETTE magnets under the eyeshadows.
  4. Stick on your sticky labels and label each eyeshadows. Or you can just remove the main labels if they are stickers from the original palette.
  5. Carefully place eyeshadows on the Z PALETTE magnets underneath.
  6. Place eyeshadows on the Z PALETTE and you’re done.
  7. A little breakage could occur, so rubbing alcohol and a spatula comes handy to repair such. Just drop a few drops on the damaged area and carefully press with a spatula. In a few seconds it will dry and take it’s place.
  8. ENJOY!!!

So far, I really liked how my NAKED 1,2, and 3 looks like in a large palette. I have placed a mirror on the side from previous palettes I have depotted (yes, I save them!!!) and I also included both brushes inside.

Hoping this post helps in your Z PALETTE customization, making it convenient for your makeup kits.



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