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9556496585_46a9eae577_z1I never understood how animal cruelty is relevant. The motives behind it is sickening and barbaric. To think that we live in the so-called advanced world and the latest technologies, I find it hard to absorb. Merciful killing, and hunting to survival or culture are another forms of survival. But the idea of killing just for the sake of one’s ego is malevolent. I cannot think how one can submit fully to this while having the guts to boast about it and sleep at night. How can one ignore the eyes of these animals, or train these animals to be responsive to human activity and then, just allow the killing to happen. Nobody deserves cruelty. I cannot understand how a man can reason out with their poverty as the reason to commit such atrocity when they have their brains and other means to survive. Me and my husband, Kris have a black cat of 11 years named “Meegs”, and I cannot imagine what we would do if anything happens to her! 2e8097d2af537b91598ca345dade6ab3

The amount of feeds I get on my news timeline or those tags that I get about animal cruelty is just too morbid for me to swallow. Skinning animals alive for their fur, Dog and Cat farms with them being torched alive as it is believed that torching can keep them fresh, crocodiles being skinned for their skin alive, pet hoarders, stolen pets, Turtles being left with their shells turned upside down and depriving them from movement–resulting to death just for their shells, Cecil the lion who was hunted by a stupid mofo dentist when a dentist is supposed to be smart, animal heads collector, barbaric forced taxidermy, Chickens being fried alive while they are being hit on walls repeatedly, animal testing, animal extinction due to humans abusing nature, blow-torched Foxes, Elephant cubs being snatched from their mothers while mothers are caged while cages of their cubs are divided, circus or zoo animals being maltreated, abandoned animals, animal exploitation, Black skinned animals that are being abandoned or killed off despite their color, animals used for illegal monkey money business, depriving animals from food and water… just by elaborating these acts, and you can just feel all the selfishness….and sadness at the same time.  What if we were the ones on their place? Try picturing it. It hurts.

aniI define a person’s personality not just by how he treats his fellow human beings or surroundings, but by how he treats his fellow animals and nature. I still have faith and hope…. in Karma, too.  Humanity is gone already. Even humans don’t give a flying damn about their fellow humans. Just look at the poverty and war, or the segregation between the rich and poor… and yes, discrimination towards race. If only I had all the money in the world, I could do everything for these innocent beings. Who am I? I am just a normal girl, making others happy about arts. I somehow find it unfair that I cannot do anything about these poor beings, but my job as a cat-mother to my Meegs and cat-auntie to my family and friends cats, is somehow a way to elaborate more love and compassion to animals. And spreading information against animal cruelty or helping homeless animals find shelters… so many ways to make it right. I lived life loving all kinds of animals and nature. I never saw one flaw, even in those poisonous snakes. 50a81c8288faa93a462742227a8eee51

In the end, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. But to live life the right way is still no doubt, questionable. As the night is about to end, I hope this can make amends on my sleepless moment.


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