H&M Balmain, Villagio Mall, Nov. 5th



Hey Fashionistas! In few hours Balmain x H&M will be launched in Villagio Mall at Nov. 5th. The attached pics are the info regarding the launch.

  • What people will not inform you:
  1. 1. 1 piece per garment is allowed upon purchase as stocks and sizes are very limited. It will never be enough with the population of the Middle Eastern women!
  2. No reservations. No guest list. Better go there.
  3. Different experiences. For sure there will be students skipping classes, emergency off, full parking, cat fights, V VIPs with early access, bribing or advance reservation, peer pressure, drivers sleeping in parking lots, husbands purchasing for wives, pregnant women in line, people getting hurt, rules being bent, friends purchasing for friends, and early long ques starting 6 A.M. even if the store opens at 8 A.M.! Officially, Villagio Mall stores opens at 9 A.M.! The early timing is only for the event! So, be careful everyone with these experiences!
  4.  No information about the Mens collection. Only knew about a few pieces of both mens and womens collection. But most items available are for the ladies! & for sure, items may vary all around the world. So guys, you must do your own checking! 
  5. Take note of all the items you want to purchase. Check h&m site for details! It will be easier.
  6.  Don’t get disappointed. Not all items are available: perhaps, the size is not available, or an specific item is not in stock, expect it all. Better do your own walk in and check for an alternative as a token for your long wait of this special event!
  7. There will be V VIPs, media coverage people, bloggers, common friends, social climbers, and mostly, Arabic women. WHATEVER YOU DO, STAY POSITIVE! Remember to respect traditions by being careful of taking pictures (e.g. avoid taking pictures of the local’s faces, or wear proper wholesome outfit).
  8.  Some staff will not be updated about the collection. Be prepared with your own research and print screens.
  • Why the hype?

Every year H&M collaborates with fashion designer for their designer collection which are limited edition. This will cater all fashionistas and individuals that seek high end, fashion-forward garments and accessories for a fair price; as the actual price and piece from the designer will cost millions. Both H&M and their chosen collaborative designer aim for global and affordable  high fashion satisfaction. If you are one of them, you must know by now. They have collaborated with Alexander Wang, Anna Dello Russo, Versace, and Isabel Marant to mention a few. F.Y.I.: These collections are being endorsed by A-list celebrities.

  • Who, why, and what is Balmain?

Balmain is a haute couture fashion house founded by French designer Pierre Balmain. Pierre’s family all have fashion experiences. Starting 2011, fashion designer Olivier Rousteing is Balmain’s creative fashion director. Rousteing’s career was established as a fashion designer for Roberto Cavalli before Balmain.2006 Balmain creative fashion director, designer Christophe Decarnin (Decarnin also worked for Paco Rabanne), passed the torch to Rousteing. Balmain’s intricate detail in design, attention to textile, touch of Baroque, and bead-work is what makes the fashion label distinct and luxurious. 

Good luck! Hope you get all your wishlists! Enjoy the Balmania moment! Hoping this post is informative. This is not to be missed as it will be a great story to tell.

Be sure to wear comfy clothing, bring water upon waiting to re-hydrate, and stay safe!






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