Before owning this piece, I literally asked my husband a million times everyday on how to get this in my hands! I recently bid on my favorite artist, Joey James Hernandez’s painting ($459). There’s a reason why I decided to add this on me and my hubby’s band merch collection: it is the original artwork for the gothic/doom metal band TYPE O NEGATIVE. This specific painting is used officially for TYPE O NEGATIVE’s merch. And to own this is an honor to both James and (late) Pete.

I must confess, I am a woman with eccentric taste for life. I like non-conformist music be it metal or goth rock, and I support artists that I like by buying original records and artwork. I think it is pure dedication to help other artists. I am a huge fan of the  giant man that owns a couple of green shirts, the one and only (late) Peter Steele (he died in April 14, 2010 from heart-failure), and his bands TYPE O NEGATIVE/CARNIVORE. Personally, his death was a real shock to me, and I haven’t moved on from his death. So, this great work is our 1 year wedding anniversary treat for ourselves!

It was tough getting the painting delivered to Qatar due to customs, and the concern of it getting damaged from checking. But I was pretty happy that it came through without any damages. Upon receiving the painting, I was pretty impressed with how vibrant the colors are! And Joey even made a custom a frame for it!

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Joey’s art pretty much reflect his interests in music. As an artist, Joey has provided work for Otep, Sean Yseult, Butcher Babies, Jennifer Arroyo, Sevendust, tattoo artist Paul Booth, Slayer, Juliya, and many more. He designs shirts, and also does accepts custom work. He also designed my official logo a few years ago. Since his official website is under construction, you can view and purchase more of his work at his FB page: JOEY JAMES ARTWORK FB. He also sells his official art shirts.

(photos taken by me)

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