My heart goes to Paris, Japan, my home country Philippines, Lebanon, and to all parts of the world with all humans, nature, and animals that experience discrimination, poverty, abuse, natural calamities, death, corrupt leaders, money extortion,  terrorism, war, greed, and all the chaos. Anger is not the solution. Religion is not to blame. Stupidity is. Let there be peace on Earth.

The rock n’roll & heavy metal side in me felt really sad for the world as Le Bataclan club theatre in Paris was the main target of these war freaks on Nov. 13th while unbeknownst to all. It is said that Bataclan is Jewish-owned for decades and was recently sold.  The SoCal band Eagles of Death Metal (QUEENS OF THE STONAGE’s Josh Homme is not with them. It’s his side band.) were playing. Victims are fans. Could have been me *knocks on wood*, or anyone who likes to go to gigs. Deftones already arrived there for their performance the next day and left 15 minutes before the tragedy took it’s place (see Deftones in Paris). Papa Roach was on their way 3 hours and took a different route. Jared Leto’s “30 Seconds to Mars” crew was missing.
Motorhead, U2 and Foo Fighters were also scheduled to play but cancelled their European tour to pay respects. On a confirmed note, merch guy Nick Alexander from Essex, U.K. is dead on the Bataclan attacks. He has worked for bands such as Alice in chains, The Black Keys, Eagles of Death Metal, and many more. To know more about the news, check

There’s a lot of bands and artists that played there. Amanda Palmer, Lacuna Coil, Dream Theater, Tori Amos, L7, Epica, and many more have performed there years ago. The whole rock n’ roll & heavy metal industry took their respects upon the incident as the death toll rose to 100+. And other parts of France were attacked, too. Stade de France, were president Hollande was, was attacked. (see Paris Attacks via The attackers are confirmed ISIS members and one of them was French. They even found Syrian passports on suicide bombers vests! Oh, the irony kills me!

Rescuers evacuates people during the attacks in Paris.
Rescuers evacuates people during the attacks in Le Bataclan, Paris.  (Photo by

There’s never a day I don’t imagine John Lennon’s “Imagine”. I don’t really understand why war has to be the answer. We breathe the same air, eat the same food, feel from our own skin and love from our hearts. Nobody deserves to die. Death is not on our hands.  Or why religion has to be a big deal of an issue, when everyone are entitled to believe what they want without all the hate. It seems like we don’t really live in the latest century, as humans attack on their own kind, and on innocent animals, too. No, this is no longer a war about Religion. It’s selfishness and stupidity rolled into one. When selfishness prevail, one’s fate will not grow. Keeping our minds and hearts closed will only induce self-destruct. It’s never too late to overcome such pollution.

What’s even more unfair? There were recent atrocities and deaths on different parts of the world, and Facebook only took it’s attention to Parisian attacks with their apps. I get it, they are smart enough to make such act to get in touch or locate loved ones. But what about the people in Lebanon’s recent bombings? Colectiv club Bucharest victims? Calamities in Nepal, and Japan? The innocent children in Syria? School kidnappings and deaths in Africa? Rape victims of India and Mexico? The fall of Egypt? ISIS retards? Holocaust deniers? Palestinian vs. Israel cursed disintegration? Mosque bombing victims of Kuwait and Saudi? Comfort women of World War II? The gun attacks at Tunisian beach last June? Racism of the blacks in the past & and future? Child brides? Modern day slavery in the Gulf? Animal abuse in China’s illegal trade market? Unnecessary Female Genitalia Mutilation victims? Armenia genocide? Rohingya massacre? Pedophile crimes in Australia? Illegal and secretive prostitution of the world? Sept. 11th World Trade Center attacks? Bullet and drug luggage-planting on innocent victims or corruption in my country, Philippines? Yemen’s life long war? Religious people with hidden inside jobs of their own? Acid attacks on women in Pakistan for loving their beloved man of their lives, or for taking up education? And so on the list of atrocities goes on. Where did all the money go? Perhaps, elective compassion? Children are suffering. The aftermath of these events makes me prevent myself from reading the news but, we cannot deny or pretend to not know about it. It’s our job as humans to be concern about our own world!

Sad reality is,” WAR IS BUSINESS.” There are hidden agendas and allies to this corrupt and destructive mission. Truly, history repeats itself. When guns and explosives are involved, there are people funding behind it. Yet, when there is hope, there is love.

So, no. I won’t change my picture with you, Facebook. My heart’s to everyone. I also find it rude when people change their pictures with their happy faces or partying ensemble using the Parisian sympathy app. Unless you are from Paris, or you grew up in Paris, or currently present when the attacks happened, it is acceptable. The app is not a trend, people. Have a little respect. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. Despite staying up night with full of despair, I console myself with music. Songs such as “Imagine – John Lennon”, “World so cold – Mudvayne”, “Everything dies – Type O Negative”, “More human than human – White Zombie”, “Cry for the moon – Epica”, “Wind of change – Scorpions”, “Under pressure – Queen and David Bowie”, “Live to rise – Soundgarden”, “One – U2 feat. Mary J. Blige”, “Rat in a cage – Smashing Pumpkins”, “Mohammad my friend – Tori Amos feat. Maynard James Keenan”,  “What’s going on – A perfect circle”, “Angel of death – Slayer”, Somewhere around nothing – Apocalyptica” , “BOOM! – System of a down”, “Even flow – Pearl Jam”,  “Count bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums – A perfect circle”, “Killing in the name of – RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE”, “We will rise – Arch Enemy”, “They don’t care about us – Michael Jackson”,  “Angel’s Punishment – Lacuna coil”, “Rooster – Alice in chains”, and many more to mention, I find music as a healing tool and self-expression. Cuddling your loved ones and pets can heal, too.

I still believe in Peace and Humanity to be restored. Let Love reign. Let us stay vigilant as we never know what’s next for us. Help as you can. Inspire as you please. Stay positive.

(Featured photo is me and my husband as John Lennon and Yoko Ono for our prenuptial shot last year. Photo by Jorell Legaspi images and updates from GOOGLE.COM, BBC.COM, & DAILYMAIL.CO.UK.)

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