Shisheido Y-3 makeup collection 2015

Shiseido and Y’s of Yoji Yamamoto’s Inc. label have collaborated with their latest Limited edition makeup eye and face palette, “Festive Camellia”, which is inspired by the holidays, a woman’s beauty, and of course, camellia incorporated flowers on it’s distinct Y’s shape palette, as it is very obvious with it’s beautiful packaging! It comes with 6 new fresh hues of colors that can either neutralize or pop your desired features. It’s a versatile palette: can be used for both the face and eyes. It also comes with a portable brush set. As of the texture, it is said that it is rich, soft, and buildable. But I have yet to try the actual product.


The Creative Inspiration

“The camellia flower is always beautiful… at the moment when it blossoms with its greatest energy, and even at the moment when it dies. It does not die away by losing its petals like other flowers, but instead ends its life in its full blossom and form.By depicting this beautiful camellia, filled with dignity and vitality until the end of its life, I have related the camellia’s most beautiful moments to those of a woman.”

—Yohji Yamamoto

For more info, visit your nearest Shisheido counters or simply visit


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