Sephora has teamed up with the world’s masters in calligraphy brushes, no other than Japan’s Hakuho-Do. The first ever collaboration between Japan’s highly crafted brush makers, and a world-renowned makeup label, the brush collection is handmade to it’s perfection and exquisite details. Handmade in Japan, it features a 200-year-old manufacturing techniques, bringing us the most high-quality fine brushes.

Image via theglossy.sephora.com.

It comes in 5 types of perfectly chosen cruelty-free brushes with it’s distinctive shapes to accommodate it’s multi-tasking usage and desired precision. The red laquered handles very much represents Hakuho-Do‘s aesthetic, and the brush names are Japanese translation for it’s shapes.



There are 2 editions of these brush beautes. There are currently 5 types of brushes  sold separately. Get yours here:  buy Sephora Hakuho-do brushes . But, there’s also a limited edition 6 pieces set in time for the holidays. Have a look at: Hakuho-do Sephora Pro Kanpeki perfection brush set.

For more information of the brushes, check: HAKUHO-DO + SEPHORA PRO Brushes collection.

(Images via Pinterest.com)

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