Happy birthday to me (Oct. 9th)

20161015492388209On this date, Oct. 9th… I get older, got engaged, and many artists like John Lennon, Sean Lennon, Guillermo Del Toro, Jackson Browne, Pj Harvey, Sharon Osbourne, and John Enwistle were born, too. Also, I expect both good and bad photos of me on my timeline soon haha! Truly I am proud of what I have accomplished as a celebrity makeup artist of 12 years and as a portrait painter since my earliest teenagehood, content of having a wonderful husband, loving family, pets, both new and old friends, loyal and new clients… of how I give to those who are in need, places I have been or planning to visit, get anything I want and need, and what the future has in store for me. Thank you for all the birthday wishes and support. And happy birthday to my friends at the same date, too! I wish nothing but for the world to be one, and for dreamers to make their dreams come true. Let us not forget, October is a breast cancer month so be active on breast cancer awareness, wear your ribbons, or simply, just wear anything pink to commemorate the month.

I’ll leave you with my John Lennon paintings. 

For more of my art, visit debimendez.com

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