W.U.D.’s Breakfast with Zunira “Breast cancer awareness” special: behind the scenes photos


Hello all! I’m taking you all to a very special edition of What’s Up Doha’s Breakfast with Zunira: “Breast Cancer Awareness” segment –behind the scenes as I am featured on the special segment with influential and talented Qatar ladies. 

Anahi Brown and Azqa Haroon had provided powerful speeches and information about Breast Cancer awareness. Gerley Quilala, has shared her heart-wrenching survival story from stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. And to brighten things up, I have provided a “think pink’ inspired makeup look on model Eileen to commemorate Breast Cancer month on one’s beauty look by using pink hues and monochromatic makeup.

GULF TIMES newspaper had covered the event on OCT.23RD issue.20161023110426410-1

For more photos and updates, check WUD’s official FB here:WHATSUPDOHA//FB

Catch me on the official video http://www.wud.qa/breakfast-zunira-episode-09/

Photos taken by my assistant Chatchy using my camera. Official photos of WUD by WUD team.




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