ClumsyChic x Wham Lounge – W hotel collaboration : behind the scenes


This November, I had another wonderful opportunity to collaborate by providing makeup for one of Doha’s well-known fashion/lifestyle blogger, Karen Nicolet of “Clumsy Chic”, whom is known for her effortless style. For Karen’s look, we aimed for a “masculine asian” runway look: talk about super glossy stained lips, natural skin, blended sculpting, non-touring strobes of highlight, glossy elements, and individually drawn brows for the bushy effect which compliments her looks.  Karen’s F/W personal wardrobe picks are high end luxury designers from Perlei Boutique – The Pearl, ARABOLOGY, and Ellery. Shot at WHAM Lounge  – W hotels,  we have teamed up with Qatar-based celebrity photographer/stylist Jorell Legaspi and his team. Get the products and the look below.



  1. Mix M.A.C. Oil Control Lotion and Dolce&Gabbana Matte “120” foundation together on a makeup palette.
  2. Apply mixture using M.A.C. spoon foundation brush on fac on a circular motion for blending and pat for full coverage effect. The brush will do it’s work. Make sure to evenly distribute on skin to create a no-makeup look.
  3. Powder desired areas by using D&G powder foundation “Caramel” to create a more balanced look and minimal setting.
  4. Spray M.A.C. Prep + Prime Fix plus on skin for the radiant finish and rehydrate skin.
  5. To chisel bone structures, crease, and hollows, use Benefit “Hoola” by using a face brush. I used M.A.C. #168 brush.
  6. Glowy cheeks were achieved by applying The Balm “Cindy” Lou-manizer on the apples of the cheeks as  a soft rosy glow blush.
  7. For a soft highlight, The balm “Mary lou” was applied on higher planes of the face to reflect and attract light using finger tips.
  8. Spray M.A.C. Prep and Prime Fix + SPRAY MIST direct onto face achieve a more wet look.
  9. Using finger tips, Estee lauder clear gloss were patted gently on the higher planes of the cheeks and nose for glossy texture skin.
  10. Lips were stained with M.A.C. Retro Matte liquid lipstick “High drama” on the center and layered off with Estee Lauder clear gloss using a lip brush.
  11. Using a straight brush (I used M.A.C. #212  brush), brows were individually drawn and shaded in with INGLOT brow gel for a more masculine feel.
  12. Brush brows with M.A.C. clear brow set. (hairspray on a spooley can do.)
  13. To top it all off, lashes were curled with M.A.C lash curler and brushed off with Benefit “they’re real” mascara, which gives even lashes.
  14. For retouching, I have used a disposable sponge to blot off excess or sweat. M.A.C. Prep and prime Fix + spray mist is also handy. And last but not the least, Estee Lauder’s clear gloss was always used to the skin and lips retouches to achieve high shine throughout the day.

Karen’s hair is blow dried and straightened with a straightening iron. Minimal hairspray was used for a sleek finish. We decided to shoot in the morning to get more of the sunlight, which will benefit the colors of images. The weather was nice and warm, and the view of the location is spectacular. Hot and cold beverages were served through the whole shoot.

There’s only a few days left to nominate for #GraziaStyleAwards. Please vote for Karen by clicking on the link below and write Clumsy Chic under the ‘Best Fashion/Beauty Blogger’ category. Thank you so much for your support. If you’ve already voted, thank you so much for helping her make her dreams come true.


(BTS photos taken from my camera. Photos of Karen and I are taken by Jorell Legaspi.)


For more of the looks, visit Karen’s pages: Clumsychic.comclumsyandchic IG, and Clumsychic FB.

Check out Jorell’s portfolio at

Check out Wham Lounge at Wham Lounge W hotel Fb, and



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