Stella McCartney shaggy deer Falabella crystal-embellished hand bag


My personal style has always been comfy all-black, and a designer label hand bag. It’s a wishlist no longer. have posted about this Stella McCartney shaggy deer Falabella crystal-embellished hand bag, and I am delighted to get my hands on them! It’s a very beautiful hand bag which can either be used as a clutch, or a shoulder bag when it’s chain strap is attached. It’s so timeless and chic! 

Handbag: Stella McCartney Shaggy Deer Falabella crystal-embellished handbag, Jacket: River Island, Shirt: Uniqlo Philippines, Jeans: Cotton On, Slippers: Zara, Location: Z lounge Kempinsky residences and suites 

I have learned to down-size when using this hand bag, as it can only fit your necessities. For a woman like me, who is used to carrying big hand bags, it’s a bit of a challenge but I am glad I have managed to do so. Plus, it doesn’t look good when stuffed with too much things.

How I down-sized with this handbag:

  • Instead of wallets to carry your cash, I used a flat leather magnetic pouch from my Fendi sunglasses.
  • I only carry makeup that I need. Perhaps, a travel size mascara, travel size perfume, teeth wipes, and a lipstick for the day is more than enough.
  • My Moleskine is a must for me to pre-plan my day ahead.
  • My keys which I always need to bring.
  • Space for my camera and mobile phone.
  • Card holder which carries important cards that I needed to bring on a daily basis.

I’m telling you, this bag is a show-stopper. What I like about this piece is it’s faux suede interior, and Stella in particular, is that her whole range is vegetarian-friendly. You can get this bag at your nearest Stella McCartney retailers. And they are not as heavy as the medium or large Falabellas.  I got these from Stella McCartney flagship store at The Pearl, Qatar.

To get the exact bag, visit your nearest Stella McCartney retailers. Or simply visit

Photos of me taken by my assistant CT Sayson, at Z lounge, Kempinski. Photos of my handbag taken by me.

Special thanks to Layla al Siyabi and Z lounge Kempinsky residences & Suites.

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