Exclusive fashion brunch with Alice Temperley of Temperley London: w/ Clumsy Chic, and meeting Bonjour Chiara — hosted by Salam Stores at SHARQ

An array of Temperley London’s newest collection by Alice Temperley, at Sharq Village Brunch fashion event. 

Lovely exclusive brunch with the fabulous fashion designer “The English Ralph Lauren” as they say,  Alice Temperley of Temperley London which was hosted by Salam Stores. Dressed to impress on my personal style, I got to attend the beautiful event with no other than “Blogger of the year” Grazia Style Awards winner, Karen Nicolet of Clumsy Chic and enjoyed the entire day with Qatar’s top fashion bloggers, designers, and winners…taking pictures of our outfits, food, the lovely view, and my obsession for handbags.

Photography by GRAZIA STYLE AWARDS “Blogger of the year” winner, Karen Nicolet of “Clumsy Chic”. 


Since I know it will be a fancy brunch, I tried to channel classic styling. A person whom always wore black, I tried to brighten up my outfit with a white blouse. Plus, I wore black the previous night. Accessorizing is key. I have mixed both affordable, and luxury pieces from my wardrobe. White origami top and rose vest: TIFFOSI (Villagio mall), Satin Culouttes: ZARA (Villagio mall) , Black wooden pearls necklace: personal heirloom from aunt Sylvia, Orb ring: Vivienne Westwood (Harbour, Hong Kong), Handbag: Alexander McQueen Insignia Satchel – Obsession Print Crossbody Bag, Shoes: Black suede Manolo Blahnik (The Gate), Fusion pearl earrings: Stratovarius (Landmark)

Chrome nails done at PN MEDICAL Spa – Villagio Mall. Personal look was DIY. I just tied my hair in a sleek pony, and wear minimal makeup (no foundation or concealer, just a ton of skin care and a slight touch of cc cream) — focusing on my bold lips, soft liner flick, and brows statement. The power of red lipstick can empower a simple look. Learned it from my grandma.


Me during the high fashion Temperley London brunch event. 
Temperley London’s Summer 2017 look book catalogue and drawings. 


With the exclusive event conducted at Sharq Village and Spa, brunch was wonderfully served with bits of Arabian and modern cuisines which for sure everyone loved. Temperley London‘s newest collections were showcased during the event. Areej from Salam Stores had conducted great insights about the brand and the collection, which leads to reintroducing Alice Temperley of Temperley London.  Alice Temperley of Temperley London hosted the event wonderfully, sharing her fashion inspiration behind the brand, visions, aesthetic, how intricately the fabrics were sewn from India and selected countries, and of course, her inspiration behind the collection.

(on center) Alice Temperley of Temperley London, elaborating more about her newest collections, and her aesthetic behind her brand with Salam stores crew, bloggers, GRAZIA STYLE AWARDS winners, and vip guests of all fields.


I also had a marvelous time meeting the entire Salam stores crew, vvips, Farah of Harayer, fashion blogger Bonjour Chiara (of whom I spent the entire day with), Harriet Lamode whom was awarded with “Best Shopping destination: the Pearl” at the Grazia style awards, Grazia Qatar‘s editor-in-chief Bianca Bridgette Bodomi, Sindhu Nair of GLAM QATAR Magazine, and fashion blogger Les Rebelles Squad. Sitting beside us was the PR relations for Temperley London.

Exquisite detail work of one of Temperley London’s dress!
Hand stitched and intricately detailed, Temperley London is inspired by dream catchers. 

We had a great conversation throughout the day in regards to the fashionable consumers all over the world. Great food, and great conversation goes pretty well together. Currently, you can look at Temperley London’s pieces at their flagship store at The Gate Mall. It has been revealed that a new store will open at MALL OF QATAR anytime soon, and that the inspiration behind her iconic pieces are elements of dream catchers.
Stay tuned with the final updates on my post.

Go in depth with our conversation below and enjoy the photos.

The colorful hallway of Temperley London brunch event at Sharq Hotel, ready to brighten up the day, show-casing Temperley London’s newest collection. 


Me: Hello. My name is Debi. I am a celebrity makeup artist of 12 years, and a portrait painter.

Patricia: Hello.  It must be amazing to create makeup looks on different faces! No wonder you looked good for today!

Me: How do you find Qatar? And how many times have you been to Qatar?

Patricia: I loved Qatar! I have been here a couple of times, scouting for Temperley London as I believe Temperley London has a good place with the Qatari fashion market. I was here for Temperley London’s store opening years back. And I really loved it since then.

Me: I believe you came to the right place. Fashion is their outlet in the region. Where else would you love to visit?

Patricia: I loved Italy, Spain. And Paris. Where are you from exactly?

Me: I am a Filipino. I came to Qatar with my family since 1992. We partly have Spanish genes from my father’s side, particularly from my grandparents. And I am happily married to a wonderful and supportive husband. And we got married here, in Sharq! (*shows her the exact location of our wedding from the view*)

Patricia: No wonder you looked different. Lucky you for getting married on this very beautiful place! Food is amazing, too!

Intricately detailed and bead-work placement is key and evident at Temperley London’s newest collection. 


Me: Thank you very much. How do you see Temperley London in the Middle East region? And how is the market?

Patricia: Every store has different figures. 80% of the consumers in their stores at Dubai are from Saudi, and consumers from their stores at London are mostly Qataris. It is amazing how Arabic women loved fashion so much.


Me: Oh, wow. That is good to know. Yes, Middle Eastern women loved fashion designer labels. It’s like makeup artistry also. They loved to see makeup artists using mostly well-known high end/luxury brands and perhaps, a few drugstore goods, too. Qatari women loved fashion labels. I totally agree with you on their overseas shopping. They always want to shop for goods outside the country as they believe they do not want to look or dress the same as their peers, or they want to possess goods that are not available to their market in order to stand-out.

Thank you very much on your spot-on insights and for your marvelous time. Enjoy the rest of the day.

Patricia: Thank you very much! I love your look and hope I can look good as you! Hope you have a great time!


*suddenly, Grazia Qatar’s editor-in-chief Bianca Bridgitte Bodomi walks in* I have congratulated the beautiful Bianca for the success of GRAZIA STYLE AWARDS. We were both congratulating and complimenting each other.  & she was hoping for future makeup collaborations as she told me that she has been hearing my work for many years. I have collaborated with her colleague, and my friend, Victoria Ferraris years ago.




Me and Alice Temperley of Temperley London on our second encounter. Alice is wearing her very own dress and platform sandals from her newest collection, and her platforms are coming out really soon.

Meeting Alice Temperley for the second time, and having the chance to ask her and her PR questions, is another gold opportunity. And upon our second encounter, I have asked a couple of questions and recommended her things-to-do bucket list while in Doha. Below are I and Alice’s conversation:

Me: Hello, Alice. Wonderful having you today for the second time. I am Debi Mendez Bilae, one of Qatar’s celebrity makeup artist of 12 years, and a portrait painter as well.  I used to work for M.A.C. Cosmetics How do you find Qatar?

Alice: Hello dear. Qatar is amazing. And the people are wonderful. Getting to know different cultures and fashion taste is inspiring in a way. Weather is spectacular, and fashion is very evident everywhere in the Gulf.

Me: Good to know and hear. I totally agree with you. Fashion is one of the outlets of  the local women in Qatar.  It’s a great opportunity meeting you for the second time. I came with Clumsy Chic as I was the one responsible for her makeup. Btw, I am your biggest fan since the early 2000’s as I knew your collaboration with M.A.C. Cosmetics back in the day, when I was working for them. I believe it was the first designer makeup collaboration for M.A.C. at the time. You won’t believe me, but they are selling your makeup palette on Ebay now for $159 (now it is $199)! I could show you the website link. I am also very much aware that you are frequently collaborating with M.A.C. Cosmetics Pro artists backstage on your fashion shows.

M.A.C. Cosmetics for Temperley London sold at Ebay for $199! (Was $155) Suitable for limited edition makeup collectors. Get this M.A.C. x Temperley Palette!

Alice: Oh, wow! Thank you very much for the support. I can’t believe it! Amazing! Yes, it was a short and creative collaboration between us and M.A.C. They have been providing makeup looks on my shows. Oh, really? That is too much! Clumsy Chic deserved her award that night.

Me: I got married in Sharq. I believe you are very tired and exhausted and I recommend you to go try Six Senses and Spa for your massage and further relaxation treatments before you go, and relax the day further on the lovely view beside the beach. And try to visit the beautiful sand dunes at the desert.

Alice: Wow! Yeah, I have heard they are amazing with their service and will go give it a try. The weather is very lovely and cozy. Yes, I knew about the wonderful sand dunes of the Gulf!

An array of Temperley London’s newest collection by Alice Temperley, at Sharq Village Brunch fashion event.

Me: I loved how your stores are always colorful and lively. What’s the secret?

Alice: My passion. And as I said, the fabrics are very intricately detailed and hand-crafted which makes it iconic in a way…the aesthetic of Temperley London.

Me: Loved your dress and those platform sandals, Alice. They are very trendy now.

Alice: Thank you. It’s my new collection sandals. They will be out very soon.

Me: Good to know. Thank you Alice for the opportunity to have this time with you again. I won’t keep you for long as you are busy. Have a good day.

Alice: Thank you so much! Lovely to have you in this day!

(And because I was star-strucked,  I forgot to ask her the most important question, which was…. “What is your favorite makeup products, skin care line, and why?” & “What’s inside your makeup bag right now?” It would be fun to have a peek at her personal makeup bag, too.)

Temperley London’s particular “dream catcher” inspired masterpiece dress. Yes, a work of art, and a Temperley touch!
Lovely Temperley London sequined scarf in time for the holidays, which will compliment my signature rainbow hair and black outfit, and Salam Stores discount voucher for Temperley London stores. Thank you so much!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I do. Have a good day! For more information, please visit temperleylondon.com page. Take a look at Temperley London at The Gate Mall, under Salam Stores and contact them at tel: +974 4 407 7183. Visit blogs of ClumsyChic.com, and bonjourchiara.com.

Watch out for the newest GRAZIA QATAR magazines at your nearest magazine outlets, and don’t forget to visit them at GRAZIA QATAR FB & GRAZIA INTERNATIONAL/QATAR ED.

Photos taken randomly from my personal camera. Solo pictures of me taken by Karen Nicolet of Clumsy Chic.  Special thanks to Clumsy Chic, Victoria Ferraris, Salam stores crew, and Bonjour Chiara.

(No I am not payed or sponsored for this post. I just love blogging.)



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