Sephora Kaleido Lip Event


As a makeup artist living in the Gulf, it is convenient to have access on all Sephora‘s brand and stores. Subscribed as a “Gold card member” (an initiative card membership program for Sephora Middle East to avail offers, discounts, and know more about events), I was invited and took a small part on their Sephora Kaleido Lip Event. This Nov. 29th, Sephora’s Kaleido Lip Event took place at Villagio Mall, Qatar, focusing on the art of pout and lip perfection.

Fun at the event: Photo booth, my lip print on the backdrop, my mirror with my lip print, and activity card.

I loved Sephora and the event. I also saw Tarte‘s booth but most of the items are out of stock as of now (but will restock very soon). How I wish I stayed for long to know more about the said event, but it was jam-packed with people and I didn’t really had the time to stay for a long time (only stayed there for a mere 30 minutes) due to personal reasons. The queues were long because it’s pay day. Anyways, I already know what I needed, but, I did the f.f.:

  1. Wore a random lipstick (from Makeup Forever’s regular lipstick line) in store and kiss a Sephora Kaleido paper with my signature for their mood board picture backdrop.
  2. Had another Sephora Kaleido paper with my kiss mark in it, to emboss it on a portable mirror (which I mistook as pins).
  3. Received an activity event card to be stamped. I only got one stamped, but it is ok.
  4. Received giveaway goodies: Mini Huda Beauty liquid matte lipstick in “FLIRT”, Mini Kat Von D lipstick in “Bachelor Red”, Sephora travel makeup remover, and a black GLAM GLOW large tote.
  5. Did some important makeup haul (HUDA BEAUTY lashes, HUDA BEAUTY LIQUID LIPSTICKS, and Benefit travel “Roller” mascaras) for my makeup kit in the span of 20 minutes.
Goodie bags on the event.
My much needed haul: Huda Beauty liquid matte lipsticks and Huda Beauty textured rose gold palette.

Their aim on the event is to also focus on lip trends, how to wear them on a normal day or a night look….catering both expats and women of the Gulf.


For more information, check

(photos taken on my personal camera).

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