WUD table setting.

Qatar’s homegrown talk show WHAT’S UP DOHA celebrated their 1st Anniversary this year, Dec. 2nd. Headed by expats Faisal Kamal and host Zunira Malik (of whom both are living in Qatar for many years), WUD‘s aim is to focus on Qatar events, feature influential people on their shows, and go further with helping those who are in need, bringing entertainment to both the Qatar locals and expat community.

I was featured in WUD‘s show 2 years ago: 1. highlighting my career as a celebrity makeup artist of 12 years (with my clients from Mark Strong, Nadine Labaki, Michelle Yeoh, and many more. & of course, my love for art: my portrait painting), and this year’s 2. sharing think-pink  inspired makeup tips at “Break fast with Zunira” for Breast Cancer Awareness segment last October.

WUD’s Zunira Malik and me. 

I felt so proud for WUD to finally establish their own program, catering both the expat and the Gulf community. Faisal and Zunira has worked so hard establishing the said segment together for 9 years. With my busy schedule, and the hectic traffic, I tried as much as possible to make it. What makes my night very special? My dapper-looking husband Kris, accompanied me on the said event, and Zunira Malik is my school mate and friend (Yes we grew up in Qatar).

With sponsors Pari Gallery, Tim Hurtons, and many more, the event took place at Rotana City hotel (beside City Center area), and flocked by Qatar’s bloggers, those who took part on WUD shows, artists of all fields, models, influencers, designers, and public figures. Qatari Comedian Abdulrehman Alremayhi made a special appearance on his comedy segment.

Outfit details> Cape: Chic choc (Royal plaza), Velvet midi kaftan: Zara, Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Handbag: Stella Mccartney, Choker: H&M, Bracelet: personal find from Japan. Hair by PN MEDICAL SPA – Villagio, and makeup done by myself. 

Check the photos below:

Each guests had their table arrangements, and I was seated next to certified business/life coach Eurydice Iliaki of “How women work“, whom I had met on WUD’s “Breakfast with Zunira” Breast-cancer awareness episode last October. Influencer and representative to the disabled community, Qatar-based first wheelchair comedian/model Nawaal Akram, also appeared on the event (whom I collaborated recently for her project which I will be revealing soon). I have met old friends, and made a couple of new ones.

During the end of the program, it was announced next year that there will be a category for “Best makeup artist”, which I hope I get the chance to be part of even though I know very well that my in-demand schedule makes it difficult to participate in such activities, and the concern of huge selection of artists from beginners to pros.Despite the event starting really late, I had a good time and good food was a perfect catch to top off the evening. There were photo-booths, games, and giveaways on the said event.

Congratulations WUD family and to all those awarded during the night! Lovely meeting everyone!

(photos taken randomly from my camera by my husband Kris, and blogger Sharice Tan. photos with logos, by WUD.)

Check wud.qa for more.



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