No matter what race and religion, we are all one body. Shukran Qatar!

On behalf of my fellow Filipino community, as a celebrity makeup artist/portrait painter of 13 years I am proud and thankful to represent the Philippines for WHATS UP DOHA‘s Qatar National Day Special (last month), as I grew up in Qatar! (Came to Qatar since 1992, with my family and pets. And met my husband and my in-laws in Doha.)

Together with Zunira Malik, Faisal Kamal, Gzalvogue Mgazal Sk, Ola Diab, Nazia Shanchi, and well known influencers and artists in all fields of Qatar expats for the people of Qatar, we are united as one in making this National day special. I have also provided makeup makeover and touch ups for all of us.

I am wearing an arabian silk coat dress by fab designer Sarah A Mohamed of SARAHWANAS/WANASOFFICIAL. Nails and Hair by Lovely. DIY makeup on myself and I have used brands from M.A.C. COSMETICS, HUDA BEAUTY ROSE GOLD EDITION, KSTARS, D&G MAKEUP, and SMASHBOX.

Assisted by CT Sayson. Held at ADabisc Future Qatar studios. Special thanks to Kenneth Taasan for accompanying us.

Wishing everyone had a great national day. Mashaallah! Mabrouk!

(photos taken from my personal camera randomly by me or my assistant CT).

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