To the viral Bianca Umali….barefaced or with makeup, HAPPINESS IS WHAT MATTERS.

(originally posted in my personal FB status)

Upon browsing on my news feed, a post that have been re-posted and post commented on by my FB friends has been trending. A post made by Bianca Umali: a 16-year-old new actress in the Philippines whom posted a picture of herself claiming that she is not wearing makeup, and that she is calling all those that are wearing makeup to be natural, smile, or barefaced or be proud of natural features (when clearly her picture shows that she is sponsored by a beauty clinic for her aesthetics/surgeries, is sporting a “no makeup” makeup look, and for sure has had some permanent aesthetic makeup work done).

Personally, I think, with her status as a young and vain actress, she is spreading a wrong message out to all women–both wearing makeup, barefaced, and those who are in the field of beauty/aesthetic/makeup industry and alike.

Here’s my response to the matter (check her post Bianca Umali “barefaced” FB post):

To the viral Bianca Umali,

I am happy that you are happy being barefaced. And that you encourage women to be one. However, for centuries, makeup application of all fields is a method of art: be it enhancing one’s features, or transforming into characters on both women and men alike….globally. Makeup also expresses a woman’s feminine side, or it can define a man’s masculine features, or perhaps, BOTH. Makeup is for every age, race, and sexes…and as well as the dead (kudos to morticians, too). If you go to work for international brands, or do/participate on makeup masterclasses around the world, you will learn different techniques and types.

Yet, every makeup artist, in general, (based on experience and personal use) educates one that before makeup application, skin has to be clean, hydrated, have to consider your diet to have good skin, watch your medicine intake, and to be taken care of thoroughly. Not everyone has perfect skin, but for one to have great skin is by going to a perfect dermatologist and investing on one’s well being. The right techniques of makeup application is important as products differ from skin types.

The makeup, skincare, aesthetic, mortician industry has been around long before we were born. It makes people happy, it expresses a character in movies, and it also adds a glitz to an entertainer/celebrity’s make over. It can make a bride’s day complete, turn a woman’s bad day into something positive, can feed families of makeup artists/dermatologists/surgeons/beauticians/morticians for their hard earned work in both wearing makeup/makeup application/sans makeup for their vast services, and IT CAN BRING YOU TO PLACES.

I, as a celebrity makeup artist of 13 years, I have passionately turned to makeup artistry as my profession for a reason: IT CURED MY DEPRESSION BY MAKING OTHERS HAPPY, MY LOVE FOR POP CULTURES, LEGENDARY MUSICIANS, AND BEAUTY ICONS, AND IT REMINDS ME OF MY BEAUTIFUL LATE GRANDMOTHER’S LOVE FOR MAKEUP. For years it has been a debate between those that wear makeup or not. The already beautiful and great pop musician Alicia Keys has recently started the “no makeup” movement but she used to wear makeup, too. Other well known celebrities being bare faced perhaps have been blessed to be sponsored to go to dermatologists or under the knife, too. We watch the mass media getting entertained by pop culture, movies, red carpets…which all depended to the art of aesthetic and makeup; may it be to beautify or to transform. To each their own. It’s one’s right, and a form of self-expression.



May we all learn from our own journey and remain positively collected.


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