James Gager Steps down at M.A.C. Cosmetics, Toni Lakis takes over the brand

As a former events team makeup artist at MAC Cosmetics, this news is beyond shocking.  M.A.C. Cosmetics Senior vice president and Creative Director James Gager steps down at M.A.C. His right hand, Toni Lakis, takes over the makeup brand.

The brand’s creative director of 18 years, is stepping down and out of the brand after 2 decades.  Now part of the Estée Lauder Group for 37 years, he will be focusing on smaller roles and developing The Estée Lauder Companies (which is M.A.C.’s parent company). He is responsible for M.A.C.’s success today, making it a bigger brand from the 90’s.  His successor Toni Lakis, will take over and has formerly been his side-kick for 14 years.


John Dempsey and James Gager during M.A.C. Cosmetic’s Hello Kitty collection launch.
James Gager with Daphne Guiness.

Good luck James Gager on your next journey. You have made the 33-Year-old brand where it’s at. His creativity with M.A.C. will be missed. Congratulations Toni Lakis on your new role as M.A.C.’s Creative Director!

(Article Source: WWD.COM/JAMES-GAGER-STEPS-DOWN-AT-MAC. Images via Google.com).




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