Wearable art: Jeff Koons x Louis Vuitton hand bags

A perfect ode to old master artists Leonardo Da Vinci, Titian, Peter Paul Rubens, Fragonard, and Vincent Van Gogh, artist Jeff Koons has collaborated with luxury brand Louis Vuitton on limited edition series of hand bags, leather goods, and accessories. The goods, which are hand-painted, allows both art and Louis Vuitton fans, and collectors alike to take home and wear art everywhere and every time. 

T H E   J E F F   K O O N S

Jeff Koons with his Rubens Louis Vuitton collaboration tote hand bag at the Louvre Museum.

An artist himself, Jeff Koons is a world-renowned artist. His rise to his prominence is his incorporation of advertisements, banality, and bootlegging into his work, sculptures, and installations; with a fusion of his provocative styles and uniqueness– revolutionizing pop culture. Throughout the years, he has a huge fan base, and celebrity clients such as Jay-Z, Jeremy Scott, Lady Gaga, Stephanie Seymour, Fan Bingbing, Chloe Sevingy, Cate Blanchett, & many more. Artist Damien Hirst is influenced with his work.

Jeff Koons, “Michael Jackson and Bubbles”, 1988. Sculpture, ceramic, glaze, and paint.




L O U I S   V U I T T O N   C O L L A B O R A T I O N

Louis Vuitton has mastered artist collaborations in the past with notable artists and designers such as Takashi Murakami, Marc Jacobs, and Yayoi Kusama. The luxurious brand’s recent collaboration with Jeff Koons has taken the brand in it’s new movement of art, pop culture, and statement. It is also the first time LV has incorporated special logos with a guest collaborative artist, and also, each pieces has a story imprinted inside. The collection may not be for everyone’s taste, but it is artsy fascinating.

So art lovers, and fashion frenzies, watch out for this special collaboration. Personally wish-listing on a Van Gogh and Da Vinci hand bag myself, as I am a artist/fashion lover and I dig limited edition luxury hand bags that fits my personality! Retail launch is expected on April 28th, 2017 but launch dates may vary so check out your nearest LV counters and website.

Check more about the collaboration story: LV x Jeff Koons Masterscampaign .

Buy the collection here: Buy LV x Jeff Koons Masters collection.






(Images via pinterest.com and google.com.)

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