Obsessed with my Alexander Mcqueen Obsession Insignia


Luxurious hand bags are an investment & key collection is personal, as it totally adds instant fashion statement to one’s style. To me, that is. There’s a reason why Alexander McQueen’s “Obsession” Print Insignia Cross Over Body Satchel got into my arms. Just by one look, from it’s designs, you can define my personality: as a makeup artist, cat lover, animal & nature lover, a fan girl to the late Alexander McQueen‘s legendary work, and is into beauty!


(In response to my blog entry alexander-mcqueen-obsession-print-bags/.)

I am so in love with Alexander McQueen’s “Obsession” Print bags. The moment I saw the collection, it hit my heart hard. It’s bejeweled printed design on it’s black leather interior which included lipsticks, gems, flowers, birds, green cat eyes, and gems is a total reflection of who I am as a person:

  • a cat lover and a cat mom to my 13 year old black cat, Meegs
  • a makeup artist/makeup lover
  • my obsession with red lipstick which compliments my red nails which I always dedicate to my (late) grandmother, Lucia
  • for some reason, I also see my grandmother’s personality in this bag.
  • “black” is my personal favorite shade
  • loves all the glitz and glamour
  • animal and nature lover
  • a fan of the late iconic fashion designer, Alexander McQueen

I’m a person that collects hand bags not because of conforming to generic fashion but I collect bags which defines my personality, taste, are limited edition, artistic, has a story behind the piece, or if worn by iconic figures.




Very beautiful AMQ “Obsession” Insignia 

I made a visit to Alexander Mcqueen‘s flagship store at The Pearl. Luckily, my family friend Marian helped me have a look at the pieces as there are very minimal pieces in Qatar. I personally prefer big handbags or totes, but, I think I have to go for a smaller hand bag this season as it is the trend nowadays. Plus, it’s very chic and non time-consuming! It’s perfect for my lipstick, handy mirror, mini mascara, card holder, flat wallet,keys, phone or pocket camera!

Made sure I own at least one from the range! I am proud of my very beautiful “Obsession Print Insignia Cross Over Body Satchel” hand bag. I love how I can convert the strap into a cross over body bag during the day, or for a more formal shoulder hand bag during the night. I just wish they have the entire collection so I can get a vast view and feel of the hand bags collection. It’s brass hardware and gold finished “AMQ” signature really adds that special McQueen touch. I am a huge fan of the late iconic fashion designer Alexander Mcqueen himself, whom totally revolutionized the fashion industry into it’s artistic approach.

I got them a few months back, and I made sure not to wear them continuously just so it can remain into it’s pristine condition. It comes with a grey dust bag which keeps it intact when not in use. This is my 2nd piece from Alexander McQueen as I own an orange skull tote handbag. The first time I wore this bag was for Grazia x Alice Temperley of Temperley London’s exclusive brunch. 

If you are lucky, you can get them at your nearest Alexander McQueen stores. Or here: alexandermcqueen/obsessioninsignia.

(Bts and hand bag photos taken from my camera. My black panther & red polished gold hand rings are from H&M.)

OOTD photo taken by Karen Nicolet of CLUMSYCHIC.COM.)



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