Meet “The power of makeup” TOO FACED x NIKKI TUTORIALS ($56.00 for ) limited edition palette which consists of both neutrals and eye-transforming trend-based eye shadows with key blushers, highlighter and a contour. Teaming up with Too Faced, global beauty makeup artist guru & Youtube superstar Nikki Tutorials has collaborated on this fun piece of a makeup palette!

I was fortunate to own this as a gift from a client and friend of mine. F.Y.I.: this is the controversial palette that blogger/celebrity/musician/entrepreneur Jeffree Starr (http://www.teenvogue.com/story/jeffree-star-too-faced-nikkie-tutorials-feud) has been calling out the makeup brand about Nikki Tutorials, for being under-payed (Nikki is friends with Jeffree). It was launched in 2016 and is known for it’s $9 million sales for the brand.

Personally, I loved the packaging and the pigmentation of the product. But if you’re aiming for a pretty decent basic palette that does the quick job, this isn’t for you. Plus, I think naming the palette as  “the power of makeup” doesn’t really execute the catch phrase well due to it’s limited colors. Yet, if you’re ready for a bit of fun on your makeup routine,  is into trends, and is familiar with decent makeup application, this palette for sure you will enjoy. I highly recommend you apply this with an eye-shadow base, if you in case, wanted to add more pigmentation on the product. Because why not?

Since it is a controversial palette, I haven’t used it yet. But will update my posts soon if I do. Not sure how you can get yours, as it is sold out everywhere even on the official TOO FACED website, but Amazon has 2 pieces left amazon.com/Too-Faced-Power-Makeup-NIKKIETUTORIALS!  Too Faced is available in all Sephora outlets. Go get yours already!


(photos taken from my camera.)





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