FINALLY!  PINKY GOAT eyelash fans! Pinky Goat eyelashes are available in Qatar! Check out where you can get yours and what I personally think of the brand on this blog entry.

Pinky Goat is one of the best go-to faux mink lashes. In stores at Centre Point by City Lifestyle and Wojooh stores in Qatar. I first got my Pinky Goat eyelashes from Dubai & made sure I hoard them. Also had people get it for me. I loved it’s thickness, lash band, and varieties of faux mink lashes for upper, lower, and individual lashes on reasonable yet, affordable prices.  They have set options, too which I find convenient for artists, for travel, and frequent users.


There’s real mink hair lashes range that the brand collects from a farm (not killing and torture animals but collecting the shedding hairs), and synthetic hair lashes that looks exactly like real hairs. Meaning, it caters to every lash needs. You can use these lashes up to 20 times or more if taken cared of. I highly recommend the brand as it looks beautiful on makeup applications and photo shoots. Although thick in it’s whisp and length, it delivers perfectly, and is feather weight (if paired with the right amount of glue and trimmed properly) without the feeling of the band.

Get yours at your nearest stores. Also, loving influencers “Sonia x Fyza” lash collab! There’s also “The Real Fouz” collection coming soon. So make sure you do visit the brand’s outlets!


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