Talal Morcos: Qatar Workshop – Why I am going

This is 2017’s highlight makeup event of the year. Makeup fanatics, if you are fans of celebrity makeup artist Talal Morcos and his work, he will conduct his very first makeup workshop in Qatar this December 11/12/13 by Elegant Events Qatar!  Read more about the makeup class and why I wanted to go!

For this makeup class 3-day event, I’ve cleared all of my agenda and made sure I would take part of it. I’s surely an event not to miss!



  • Talal Morcos is one of the most sought after celebrity makeup artist worldwide. Hailed from Lebanon, his iconic beauty looks, distinct smokey eyes, and flawless foundation coverage is raved both by his celebrity clients and fans alike, resulting to his massive following on his social media handles. The demand to his makeup style as makeup look pegs are high. So, this master class would benefit a lot of makeup enthusiasts and pros alike. He specializes more on beauty, fashion, and bridal looks.
  • Elegant Events Qatar  (by Dareen Rizk) events planner is the event’s official organizer. They are the top organizers of events in Qatar. They have organized makeup classes in the past with pro artists such as Fady Kataya with massive makeup brands sponsors as give aways.
  • Venue is at Grand Hyatt Hotel and is going to be 3 days starting December 11, 12, and the last day December 13th is the workshop.
  • Tickets are selling fast so contact Elegant Events 974 55768181 regarding the ticket, fees, and more about the event.
  • There will be makeup goodie bags, give-aways, meet and greet, and a certificate with your full name so make sure you buy tickets under your ID identification pataka name.







A lot of you are wondering why I am attending Talal Morcos makeup workshop even though I am a pro makeup artist myself with 14 years experience. The reason behind this are the following:

  • GROW AS AN ARTIST : I want to grow as an artist and expand more on the different styles of updated makeup looks, what to’s and what not’s from pros.
  • ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY : Makeup classes or courses like this are rare. So I have to make sure I am grabbing this opportunity. This is also a gateway of one-on-one interactivity with the artist facilitator.
  • PRACTICE OF TECHNIQUES : I always wanted to have the opportunity of having makeup pros to check my strengths and weaknesses. Practicing with the artist in charge will not only let your skills grow, but also, allow you to see technique options and cohesive applications.
  • GET CERTIFICATIONS : As an artist, your certificate is your image. I wanted to get more certifications under my belt.
  • NEW EXPERIENCES : Experiences makes an artist get to know new people and co-artists in the industry. Also, photos are taken from the event, which will help you build your portfolio photos in a way.
  • GOODIE BAGS : Every pro makeup courses have goodie bags which consists of makeup and gift vouchers that are more than the price of what you paid for, for the ticket. This will benefit an artist to expand one’s kit.

Make sure you visit Elegant Events Qatar at their shop in Qatar (check their official website and social media handles for map details or contact them). Don’t miss this makeup workshop opportunity with the one and only Talal Morcos!




Keep posted about my posts on updates about the Talal Morcos class!

–Congratulations Ms. Dareen Rizk of Elegant Events Qatar, team, and Mr. Talal Morcos! Good luck to all attendees!–




(Pictures of Talal Morcos and banners grabbed from Instagram.com. Picture of ticket taken by me on my camera.)

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