Fabienne Rea Italian makeup brushes


Made in Italy, with love. Super proud of my favorite Italian celebrity makeup artist and friend, Fabienne Rea on her very own line of affordable  luxury makeup brushes! (More after the jump.)



Fabienne Rea Italian makeup brushes by celebrity makeup artist, Fabienne Rea (FabienneRea.com) (check her works, she’s amazing!), are luxury and quality makeup brushes. Cruelty-free, quick-dry, doesn’t absorb or drink foundation or powders due to it’s patented quality. Made in Italy. It comes in 8 pieces as a set.

It consists of the following brushes:

  1.   Maxi Powder (polveri)
  2. Blending Precision (polveri)
  3. Tulip Crease (smokey eyes)
  4.  Highlighter (foundation, highlighter, contouring)
  5. Crease Pencil (eyeshadows)
  6. Eyes/Lips (eyeshadows/lipstick)
  7.  Duo Eyebrow (eyebrows/eyeliner)

…..which makes it easier for both basic & pro  makeup application needs on the get-go. These are packed in a box with an image of Fabienne’s  colorful fashion eye makeup signature work.


Through the years, Fabienne has worked  with countless celebrities and fashion designers such as Gorgio Armani, Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel , to mention a few.  It’s about time we get a little bit of her makeup world with her makeup brushes.


I can’t wait to play with these beautiful brushes! Get yours here:


Fabienne makeup brushes Facebook


Fabienne’s website:


Thanks Fabienne! I’m very proud of you and honored to own these brushes!






(Fabienne’s photos taken from Google.com. Camera photos taken by me)


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