OH! THE ART OF tech-savvy DE-POTTING!!! Good-bye lighter and candle wax burns. Good-bye broken de-potted makeup. No more playing with the fire. Because Z Potter by Z Palette is here to slay away our struggles with our de-potting needs!

Layla Al-Siyabi of “Being Layla.Al.S.” x Karl Moreto project

Focusing on Qatar-based talents, I have provided makeup for Qatar-based Omani beauty, blogger Layla Al-Siyabi  of “Being Layla.Al.S.” for her looks at Zengo, Kempinski Suites. Together with the independent and hip, commercial/fashion photographer Karl Moreto, we have joined forces as a team to gather Layla’s hand-picked fashion looks and make an hijabi-friendly fashion statement from…

“THINK PINK” beauty products picks

It’s Breast Cancer month. This special month of October, let us all “Think Pink” for a cause! Below are my product hauls and reviews. I have personally hand-picked anything pink-related and charitable in both makeup and beauty products available in Qatar stores to commemorate breast cancer month and help spread the awareness. Check the

Z Palette depotting: how to’s, pros and cons

  As a makeup artist on the go, I always have struggles of packing and bringing everything with me. So, I have decided to give depotting my palettes a try and transfer them to Z palette. They come with magnets in both round and square shapes so it’s convenient to customize. I tried the Large…


Z Palette is a must have on both makeup enthusiasts and artists. It’s simple; it makes palettes customization convenient and fun at the same time. Founded and designed by 2-time Emmy-award winning makeup artist, Zena Shteysel, she has created Z palette for easy access and travel care-free of her makeup palette must haves. You can…